Deterministic Ethernet Forum 2017

Deterministic Ethernet: Milestones Ahead

Some major milestones in the evolution of industrial and automotive networking are due to be passed in the near future:

  • IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) set of standards to be completed by 2017
  • First switch chip featuring TSN functionality already out on the
    market and on the road in series vehicles by end of 2016
  • IIC TSN testbed going live in 2016 with wide support from leading industrial companies
  • OPC UA TSN integration coming in 2017
  • First deployment of converged IT and OT systems over Deterministic Ethernet

TSN is set to be adopted across a broad spectrum of applications, paving the way for the development of open and interoperable cross-industry Deterministic Ethernet solutions. Join the Deterministic Ethernet forum to take your place at the heart of the converged networking community.

Deterministic Ethernet Forum 2017 Flyer (PDF)